Why Should You Comply With Smog Check in California?

Published by Alen Glin on November 27th, 2018

California is one of the most commercialised states of USA. It also has a port-town, international airports, and much more, which attracts the highest traffic in the country. Daily thousands of heavy-duty and small vehicles arrive in the state. Particularly, there are 3 main reasons for increasing smog in California.

  • Over thirty million population
  • Its geographical location with most sunny days in the year helps form ozone
  • Mountainous terrain or topography traps pollution

Why is Smog Check in California necessary?

The dirty air is a clear and direct health-hazard. Breathing the dirty air triggers an inflammatory response in your body, and it can be fatal depending on the level of air pollution in the area. Some common but, dangerous problems are here:

  • Difficulty in breathing and chest pain and respiratory problems
  • Lack of work-efficiency due to health issues, ailing kids at school and overall downfall for the state
  • Increased health-cost

Why Cars are the biggest pollutants in California?

Most of the people in the state have more than one cars. Old-model cars which are gasoline and diesel-powered, form air-pollutants and release during the combustion (burning) of petroleum-based products. Even new cars are more tightly sealed than older cars, which makes them keeping pollution out.

How can you protect yourself from bad air?

The most prevalent exposures to pollution are while driving. So, driving a vehicle which has gone through smog check in California, can minimise exposure to drivers and other parallel drivers too. You should also roll-down your windows while driving when you’re on the freeway. Keep changing your air filter also helps. You should also clean the black dust, which is a combination of diesel soot and rubber dust, off your window sills.

Seeing the urgent need for pollution control, the regulations and smog check in California has become stringent in recent years. To abide by those smog checks is, in larger public good. So, don’t ignore the smog check needs, official warnings, and cooperate with the state when your vehicles fail to pass the smog check.