All About Smog Check in El Cajon, California

Published by Alen Glin on November 21st, 2018

Environmental conservation is everyone’s responsibility. We cannot blame the changes just on governments and policies. So, smog check makes people feel their own sense of responsibility. Are you looking to know about smog check in simple words? Here is the answer to your anticipation. Scroll down to read more about smog in El Cajon.

The Basics

A smog check tests your car’s exhaust system and sees how many pollutants your car is emitting. It also checks the type of pollutants that are being emitted. The device measures the car’s emissions both -while the vehicle is in idle, and while the engine is revved. Then, the results are compared to the standard regulatory norms of California, for a smog check. Your car’s muffler is also checked to ensure that it is working properly. If the technician looks under your car’s hood, don’t be suspicious. He will inspect the hoses and pipes, as well as the vehicle’s internal computer.

Does Every Car Pass Through Smog Check In El Cajon?

Yes, it is mandatory for every car to have a smog check after every 2 years. But, there are some exemptions too. Here are things when your vehicle will not be checked for smog:

  • It is a hybrid model
  • It is 1975 model or older but gasoline-powered
  • It is a 1997 year model or older, and is either diesel-powered or has a GVWR higher than 14,000 pounds. GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight rating
  • It is an electric vehicle or powered by natural gas
  • All motorcycles are exempted, and also a trailer vehicle

Now, you might have got the list of exemptions and basics of smog in El Cajon. You can try your vehicle without the fear of smog check failure. There are local smog stations in El Cajon that offer smog testing to avoid any failure.