Do You Know The Basics Of Smog Check In California?

Published by Alen Glin on October 19th, 2018

California is the state -known for its strict smog check Law. This program has helped the state to improve the air quality to a great extent. This test identifies the vehicles with excess emissions so they can be properly repaired. This is helping cleanse the environment and safeguard the interests of humanity on earth.

Regulatory Authority for the Program

The California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Automotive Repair (BAR) regulates this program. The state has more than 7,000 licensed and independent smog check stations which help in inspecting the millions of vehicles every year.

Vehicles Covered Under Smog Check in California

All model electric, Gasoline-powered vehicles, hybrid vehicles, diesel vehicles, and alternative-fuel vehicles are required to undergo smog check. But, there is a little exemption for the vehicles which are new and have more fuel efficiency.

  1. Six model-years vehicles do not need a biennial inspection.
  2. Four model-years vehicles do not need a change-of-ownership inspection.

Change of ownership and smog check

You can add six in the model year of vehicle to determine the first year a vehicle is subject to a biennial smog check, and add four, to the model year of a vehicle to determine the change-of-ownership.

Diesel-powered vehicles model year 1998 and newer, and vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,000 pounds and less require a smog check. Electric vehicles are currently duty-free from the smog check.

Smog Check Requirement of a Vehicle

Your DMV registration renewal notice will point every other year that your vehicle should go. An inspection is also needed when a vehicle is sold or registered for the first time in California.

A STAR Station Smog Check

Some vehicles need a smog check at a STAR station which meets specified performance standards established by BAR. Some STAR stations are licensed to do only tests, while others are licensed to do both tests and repairs. Stations post the signs of the services they are licensed to perform.